PM Koirala holds discussions with social celebrities

Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has consulted with social celebrities for the relief, resettlement and reconstruction in the quake affected areas.

The meeting held at PM’s residence at Baluwatar on Tuesday discussed the issues of making relief operations effective and reaching to the genuine quake victims.

On the occasion, social figures have said that the PM Disaster Relief Fund alone was the effective mechanism for running the relief operations effectively as no NGOs or INGOs had their own mechanism up to the grassroot level to run the relief operations.

They have even raised their curiosity about the mechanism and function of the Fund as it had created confusion to some donors.

PM Koirala said that no institutions could be developed in an institutionalized manner as Nepal had to grapple with various struggles, ad-hocism and transition.

Prime Minister Koirala praised foreign support provided in the critical hours and added that though the country did not have enough manpower and resources to tackle such disaster that occurred after 82 years, it tackled the situation with the support of all national and international communities.

PM Koirala pointed out the need of support from each one from their own place to normalize the quake aftermath trauma, resettlement, reconstruction missions and even to make the people optimistic towards the future.

Similarly, Information Minister Dr Minendra Rijal pointed out the need of strengthening National Reconstruction Fund for the reconstruction and resettlement campaign as rescue and relief missions are in final stage.

Present on the occasion were social figures Madan Krishna Shrestha, Hari Bansha Acharya, Rajesh Hamal, Mahabir Pun, Paras Khadka, PM’s administrative advisor Baburam Acharya, Social Development Advisor Dr Bijan Panta, Public Relations Officer Mridula Koirala, chief personal secretary Basanta Gautam and chief secretary of the government Leela Mani Poudyal. RSS

Source: Myrepublica