PM Koirala arrives in New York

Prime Minister Sushil Koirala on Sunday arrived in New York leading a 22- member Nepalese delegation to the United Nations 69th Annual General Assembly. 

The PM was greeted by Nepal´s Permanent Representative to United Nations Durga Prasad Bhattarai, employees at the Nepalese Permanent Mission to the UN and US Foreign Department officials. 

Koirala will address the General Assembly on September 26. He will also address the Global Warming Conference. The General Assembly high-level discussion will start on Wednesday and continue until October 8. 

Nepal is preparing to broach the matters of global warming, population management and development, expansion of members in the Security Council, poverty eradication and issues related to least developed and landlocked countries. 

During his stay in New York, PM Koirala will also be meeting with Nepali community living in the U.S. 

Minister for Foreign Affairs Mahendra Bahadur Pandey will be participating in the World Conference on Indigenous Community and International Seminar on Population and Development on Monday. 

Nepal has been continuously participating in the General Assembly after it became the UN member in 1955. 

In the intervening period after Nepal acquired UN membership, 39 Nepalese nationals have received the opportunity to address the General Assembly. PM Koirala is the 40th individual to address the UNAGA. 

The then Prime Minister BP Koirala had addressed to the United Nations General Assembly for the time in 1960 in the capacity of Nepal´s head of government. 

Nepal had an opportunity to attend from the 11th United Nations General Assembly. 

Sushil Koirala is the ninth figure to address the United Nations General Assembly in the capacity of the Prime Minister. 

Former king Mahendra Shah had addressed the UN General Assembly in 1967 while Ministers for Foreign Affairs and Nepal´s Permanent Representatives to the UN were taking part in the UN General Assembly.

Prime Minister Koirala is accompanied by Minister for Foreign Affairs Pandey, PM´s Foreign Affairs Advisor Dr Dinesh Bhattarai, advisor Mridula Koirala, personal secretary Basanta Kumar Gautam and pess coordinator Prakash Adhikari and others. 

Acting Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Shanker Das Bairagi, Joint Secretary Deepak Dhital, Chief of Protocol Kali Prasad Pokharel, Under Secretary Rita Dhital and the PM´s personal physician Dr Karbir Nath Yogi are also accompanying the Prime Minister. RSS

Source: Republica