People speak in favour of citizenship in mother’s name

Social issues have taken a back seat in the public opinion collection programmes of the draft constitution. Very little discussion regarding provisions in the draft regarding rights of women, children, elderly citizens and people living with disability have been raised in the public opinion collection programmes held in different places inside the Capital.

“Both men and women are equal citizens of this country and a mother should be able to pass on citizenship to her children just like a father does. The discriminatory ‘and’ provision must be replaced with ‘or’,” said Binod Kumar Bhattarai at Tinkune.

A provision of citizenship has made it mandatory for a child to have both Nepali parents in order to acquire citizenship by descent. Every other speaker was speaking for the ‘and’ provision to be replaced with ‘or’.

Diwakar Shrestha of Bagbazzar, was another person asking for citizenship in the name of mother. “Citizenship is a fundamental right and we want the country to ensure a women’s right to identity. The state must amend this regressive ‘and’ clause,” said Shrestha.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sushil Koirala said that he is in favour of the ‘and’ provision regarding citizenship . PM Koirala who was attending public opinion programme at Tulsipur, Dang on Tuesday tweeted: “My opinion regarding citizenship father ‘and’ mother.”

Source: eKantipur