Patients hit hard as CT scan machine goes dysfunctional

Patients hit hard as CT scan machine goes dysfunctional

A CT scan machine, which was damaged a year ago in the Western Regional Hospital in Pokhara, is yet to be repaired.

The machine, brought three years ago in the hospital, was damaged from the mid-August last year.

Lack of maintenance of the damaged CT scan on time has caused patients to pay high amount in private hospitals.

Patients in private hospitals have to pay Rs 5,000 for the CT scan service which can be done only in Rs 2,000 at the Western Regional Hospital.

Lack of technicians is also another problem.

Shree Krishna Shrestha, Superintendent of the hospital said that it takes around 10 million to mend the machine.

He informed that the maintenance of the machine is in limbo due to conflict between the CT scan company and Health Ministry.

The hospital had informed the concerned stakeholders time and again in the past to repair the machine but to no avail.

More than 800 people used to visit the hospital for service on a daily basis.

Source: THT