Pashupati Murarka new FNCCI president

Pashupati Murarka new FNCCI president

Pashupati Murarka has unanimously been elected as the new President of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) on Wednesday.

Mararka became the president after Bhawani Rana, his lone rival, withdrew her candidacy today.

Withdrawing her candidacy amidst a press meet today, Rana said that her focus was always on consensus and hoped that the new leadership will take the organization to a new height.

Murarka’s situation became favourable was likely to be the presidnet after senior vice presidnet Bhaskar Raj Rajkarnikar pulled out of the federation presidential race yesterday.

Murarka, Rajkarnikar and Rana had announced their candidacy for the post after the then President Pradeep Jung Pandey was removed from the post on March 18 in connection with a three-decade-long corruption case.

Murarka will take charge as FNCCI president until next 21 months.

Source: Myrepublica