Paras Shah makes public appearance

Paras Shah makes public appearance

The former crown prince, Paras Shah, made his first appearance in public here in the capital today after his return from Bangkok.

He visited Hanuman Dhoka this morning and paid tribute to various deities in the premises of Hanuman Dhoka Palace.

While emerging from the ancient palace, he smiled and responded to the greetings of other visitors, bystanders and his supporters with Namaste when he found out them standing outside to welcome him.

Shah, who has earned a bad name for his waywardness, had left for Singapore four years ago, for a self-imposed exile — reportedly after his relation with his father, former King Gyanendra, and wife Himani soured.

He later moved to Thailand where he was arrested by police several times on charge of breaching the Thai laws.

In earlier 2013, he survived a massive cardiac arrest, believably after a drug overdose.

Recenlty, Shah was arrested and jailed on charge of possessing marijuana. However, a local court in March had ordered the Thai authorities to release him after the Embassy of Nepal in Bangkok acknowledged that Shah was Nepal’s former crown prince. The order would allow him to face trial from outside the jail.

But he was deported to Nepal last week as it was found out that his passport had expired.

After his return, he went to stay at the Chandol-based Kundalini Club, operated by her cousins.

Parents going on medical trip

Meanwhile, Shah’s parents — former King Gyanendra and former Queen Komal — are scheduled to visit New Delhi for a medical trip on April 10.

According to a statement issued by the former king’s aide Phaniraj Pathak, Gyanendra Shaha will undergo health checkup and Komal Shah will receive treatment in the Indian capital.

It has not been disclosed how long the former royalties will stay in New Delhi.

Source: THT