Paras arrested in Bangkok with marijuana

Thai police arrested Nepal’s former Crown Prince Paras Shah in Bangkok on Thursday evening in possession of marijuana.

He was presented before a court today.

The Nepali Embassy in Bangkok was informed about the arrest yesterday, an Embassy sourced told THT Online over telephone.

Though the Thai police authorities told the Embassy that Shah was in their judicial custody, they did not reveal where the wayward Nepali royal has been currently detained.

In October 2012, Shah was arrested in Phuket on charge of possessing marijuana. Subsequently in December, he was detained again for vandalising property at a luxury apartment in Bangkok.

He revived from a coma after suffering a massive cardiac arrest in February last year, supposedly from a drug overdose.

After getting discharged from the Samitivej Hospital after 38 days‚ he was admitted to Chiang Mai-based Chance Rehabilitation Centre.

Currently, Shah has been residing in Chiang Mai, in the northern Thailand, about 600 kilometres away from the Thai capital.

Source: THT