#PakstandswithNepal trends highest in Pakistan as thousands decry India’s intervention

#PakstandswithNepal trends highest in Pakistan as thousands decry India’s intervention

Pakistani people are showing solidarity to Nepal by condemning against the move taken by India through the social networking site twitter.

Expressing the concern regarding the hardship being faced by Nepali people following the blockade on major custom checkpoints imposed by India, Pakistani people have taken to twitter to show support to Nepal and condemn India through hashtag #PakStandsWithNepal which is currently trending in Pakistan.

The hashtag is being flooded with numerous angst of Pakistani people against the reservation of India towards the newly promulgated Constitution of Nepal.

India had refrained from welcoming the new Constitution of Nepal but has been asserting pressure to make changes as per its desire by curtailing the supply of petroleum products and other essentials.
Numerous Pakistani people are sharing the impartial coverage done by India media on the Constitution of Nepal.
“India! You asked for this demonstration from peace loving and upright SOVEREIGN state Nepal,” tweets real Sumaira.
Pakistani people are even urging China to come to the aid of Nepal.

“China is a good friend to Pakistan and we are trending to ask China to help Nepal in this hour of need against India,” tweets Farah Khan Virk.

“We stand Nepal and Nepalese people in this hour of need, Pakistan and Nepal must get united against bigger enemy,” tweets Pakistan-Wake-UP.

On the other hand, many Nepali twitter users are thanking Pakistani people for their support and warm messages.
“We thank Pakistan for standing with Nepalese. Nepal want to be good to every country,” tweets Dwaipayan Regmi.
Pakistani people also had widely supported when Nepali twitter users were expressing angst against the India’s attitude towards Nepal’s Constitution through hashtag #BackOffIndia few days ago.

Source: SetoPati