Painting created by Nepali artist sold for Rs 1 m

A painting created by Nepali artist Kabiraj Lama was sold for Rs 1 million. The painting titled ‘Seen, Heard and Spoken’ kept in display in gallery in Jinan of Shandong in China was sold recently.

“I am happy to have got my creation sold for such a huge amount. I may be the first Nepali to get a creation sold for such big price,” said the 31-year-old artist of Timal in Kavre at a press conference organized by Nepal Fine Arts Journalists Society in the capital on Saturday.

Lama created the painting incorporating a Chinese saying ‘don’t think, see and hear bad’ in 2014 through litho print in Japan. The painting is made on a ‘special’ Japanese paper.

The one-month-long exhibition started from July 23 has 31 paintings featuring damages caused by Tsunami occurred in 2011 and earthquakes in Japan and April 25 ‘Gorkha Earthquake’ in Nepal.

Devendra Thumkeli, General Secretary of the Society, said that youth artists should learn something good from the works of Lama, who is said to have run away for meditation while pursuing education in a university a decade ago.

It is said that the money collected from the exhibition will be spent for the assistance of various schools at Gauri Shankar VDC in Dolakha. RSS

Source: MyRepublica