Over 50,000 houses collapses, insufficient tents

Over 50,000 houses collapses, insufficient tents

Only few earthquake victims have received the tents meant to them as relief material. The government had sent to 3500 tents for displaced locals, however, they are insufficient to provide all the victims in the district.

Saturday’s earthquake has collapsed over 50,000 houses from 60 VDCs and two municipalities in Gorkha district. Following the massive damage, affected locals are forced to spend sleeping nights under open sky in lack of tents.

According to the locals, the tents brought to the district have been distributed to the affected from municipalities and few neighboring VDCs. However, many of them have remained deprived from the relief materials.

District Disaster Relief Committee (DDRC) of Gorakha, has informed that a hundred tents and five sacks of beaten rice have been distributed in a VDC.

Although relief materials consisting of tents and beaten rice were distributed to the victims in upper remote villages of the district via helicopters, the materials have not been able to fulfill their needs.

Source: Myrepublica