Over 300 youths from Saptari stranded in J&K

Recent floods in Jammu and Kashmir have left more than 300 Nepali youths from Saptari stranded, while over thousand other Nepalis are out of contact.

According to Chandeshwor Kamait, a Saptari youth who talked to THT over phone from a flood-hit site in J&K, more than 300 youths from Saptari villages, including Goithi, Mainakaderi, Madhuwapur and Joginiya, were stranded in the state.

He put the total number of stranded Nepalis in the flood-hit Indian state at around 1,500.

“Most of the stranded and missing Nepalis were daily wage earners,” he said.

Local social activist Krishna Narayan Tiwari added that more than 70 Nepalis from Kamait Tole of Dandha VDC were stranded, while six others from the Tole were out of contact.

Kamait urged the Nepali government to do the needful to save Nepalis stranded in J&K.

However, the Embassy of Nepal in New Delhi, stated that it had not received any news of Nepalis being stranded in J&K. Talking to THT over phone, Counsellor Tirtha Raj Wagle did not rule out the possibility of Nepalis being stranded there.

He confirmed that a joint 17-member Nepal-India official delegation was airlifted by

Indian Air Force on Tuesday after being stranded in a Srinagar hotel for two days. Indian Ambassador Ranjit Rae, Nepal’s Charge d’Affaires in India Krishna Dhakal and artist Ragini Upadhyaya were among the delegates who visited Srinagar for a meeting of Nepal-India BP Koirala Foundation.

Source: THT