Other lawmakers also can put their signatures on Nepal’s Constitution till 4 pm Sunday: CA Chair

Other lawmakers also can put their signatures on Nepal’s Constitution till 4 pm Sunday: CA Chair

Constituent Assembly Chairman Subas Chandra Nembang has asked the CA members, who failed to sign on the Nepal’s Constitution, 2072, on Saturday, to put their signatures on the copies of historical document by 4 pm on Sunday.

The last hour offer apparently aims at bringing the disgruntled Madhesi parties on board the CA before the promulgation of new constitution, notwithstanding their differences over several issues.

President Dr Ram Baran Yadav is scheduled to make an announcement of the commencement of the constitution that the CA made amid a special function through the final meeting of CA called for 5 pm tomorrow.

It has been learned that the three major parties, who are continuously engaged in dialogue with the Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar-led Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum-Democratic (MJF-D), have expected that 14 lawmakers of the largest Madhesi party would take up the ownership of the new constitution by signing its copies.

Expressing irrevocable differences over the number and boundaries of the purported federal units, the Gachhadar-led party had announced withdrawal from the CA process.

Assistant Spokesperson of the CA Secretariat, Sudarshan Kuinkel, told THT Online over phone that Nembang urged the lawmakers to sign on the charter to take ownership of the historic document.

“Those who missed the formal function yesterday also had significant contribution in drafting the constitution,” Kuinkel said, “That was why the Chairman has made the call.”

Now, any lawmaker wishing to sign on the statute will be allowed to do so, according to Kuinkel.

As many as 61 lawmakers missed on the opportunity to sign on the copies of new charter yesterday.

Nembang has already authenticated the Nepal’s Constitution, 2072.

After the promulgation of new constitution tomorrow, the CA, elected in November 2013, will be automatically dissolved. However, the Legislature-Parliament will stay put.

Source: THT