Only 300 of 2,700 quake-damaged houses in KMC dismantled so far

Only 300 of 2,700 quake-damaged houses in KMC dismantled so far

Of total 2,700 quake-damaged houses in the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), only 300 houses were found to have been dismantled so far.

Many house owners who registered their quake-damaged houses as completely rendered uninhabitable were found to be reluctant to dismantle their houses although the KMC had issued an order to do so within a certain time.

According to Dhantapati Sapkota, Chief of Implementation Division at the KMC, the dismal result in implementation of the order issued by the KMC was due to the house-owners’ lackadaisical attitude.

Many house-owners are still living in the houses registered as completely damaged, shared Division Chief Sapkota, adding that many people delay the dismantle citing the dual ownership of the house or house-owners living abroad.

As many as 55 quake-ravaged houses were destroyed by the KMC to clear the debris that was causing problems in the public street and places, according to the KMC.

The quake-damaged houses in Kalimati, Ravi Bhawan, Sitapaila, Basantapur, Kalanki, Balaju and the like were destroyed, it was shared.

Around 5,000 houses within the KMC were recorded to have sustained partial damages.

Source: THT