Oldest hospital in Bhaktapur running services under tent

Oldest hospital in Bhaktapur running services under tent

The 100-year-old district hospital in Bhaktapur has been rendering medical services setting up six tents in its premises after the Hospital’s buildings were rendered uninhabitable by the April 25 quake and subsequent powerful aftershock on May 12.

According to Krishnahari Gelal, Chief Administrator of the Hospital, the hospital had been offering medical services from its own partially damaged building, but following the May 12 aftershock, the important wards as the Operation Theatre (OT), Institutional Clinic, OPD, Lab, X-ray and Medical Ward among others in the new building also sustained complete damages.

“We have shifted the service of these damaged wards to the makeshift tents in the premises of the hospital post May 12 tremor,” shared Admin Chief Gelal.

Although the hospital continued with the operation of the delivery and surgical ward and administration section from the new building of the hospital, patients dread stepping inside in fear of the quake, shared the In-charge of OPD department, Hari Koju.

“More than 20 cases of delivery have been carried out under the makeshift delivery ward under the tent,” added In-charge Koju.

He mentioned that only the emergency ward has been operated from the new building of the hospital. Plans are afoot to shift the current under-tent Operation Theater to this building that remained unscathed by the quake. “The chances of spread of infection is relatively high when a surgery is performed outdoors, hence we are preparing to shift it to the new building,” said Koju.

Furthermore, the menace of snakes in the hospital ground has also challenged the hospital operation. Patients shared that they fear snakes bite than the quake since these reptiles started appearing on the scene too often.

Amid such extreme situation, the 75-bed Hospital is offering health services to as many patients as possible and the quake-hit persons in the locality. RSS

Source: Myrepublica