Number of passport seekers double than citizenship

Number of passport seekers double than citizenship

The number of people seeking passports in Baglung has doubled those seeking their citizenship certificate.

A total of 7,594 people acquired their citizenship in the district in the previous fiscal year 2014/15 while those developing their passports were 16,354, according to District Administration Office. The majority of the people developing their passports were those leaving the country for employment and studies.

Of them, 8,607 people acquired their passports through the express service, who are charged Rs. 10,000 service charge against the existing normal fee of Rs. 5,000, according to CDO Shesh Narayan Poudel.

The Office has begun providing passport service from its integrated service centre in Burtibang. A total of 793 people acquired their passport from the centre. RSS

Source: Myrepublica