NT users sent 10.05m SMS in three days

Nepal Telecom (NT) earned Rs 5 million from Short Messaging Service (SMS) that its subscribers sent during three days of Dashain festival.

According to the state-owned telecom operator, as many as 10.05 million text messages were sent during the seventh, eighth and tenth day of the Dashain festival. The number of text messages sent through NT network is almost the same recorded during four days of Dashain festival last year.

“However, the number of text messages during the Dashain festival — from the day of Ghatasthapana to the day of Tika — is down by 15 percent this year compared to last year as we announced the offer only on the seventh day,” an official of NT told Republica.

NT slashed SMS tariff by 50 percent during October 1 to 7. During the period, NT charged 50 paisa (exclusive of taxes) per SMS.

NT couldn´t announce special festive offers in time due to the protest of its engineers regarding appointment of a non-technical person as the managing director of the state-owned operator.

“The number of text messages was high on the eighth day,” Guna Keshari Pradhan, spokesperson of NT, said.

According to Pradhan, 3.36 million text messages were exchanged through NT network on the seventh day, 3.95 million on the eighth day and 3.22 million on the day of Tika.

The number of text messages exchanged during the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth day of Dashain is three times more than the normal days. According to Pradhan, around one million SMS are sent by the users over NT network in normal days.

The festive season sees rapid surge in the number of text messages, thanks to the increasing number of mobile phone users in the country. Festive schemes announced by telecom operators is the factor behind increasing number of text messages sent during major festivals.

“Drop in tariff encourages people to send more SMS. Sending SMS is an easy way to greet friends and family on special occasions. The service is cheaper and effective,” added Pradhan.

The growing popularity of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is one of the reasons behind drop in the number of SMS during Dashain.

Source: Republica