NRCS dissatisfied over its logo misuse by Ncell

NRCS dissatisfied over its logo misuse by Ncell

Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) has expressed its dissatisfaction over the misuse of its logo by Ncell in supplying its official equipments in the name of relief materilas from neighbouring China.

“The Red Cross logo stickers were found rampant beyond the consignments that dispatched by Chinese Government to Nepal government as earthquake relief materials, NRCS statement reads ” NRCS is deeply hurt by the misuse of its logo.”

Meanwhile, NRCS has asked the government to investigate into the logo misuse by Ncell, which got the principle like Impartiality, Humanity, Neutrality among seven others.

As per the International Humanitarian Law, Red Cross has been using its logo for the humanitarian purposes like identification and security of persons, materials, and buildings in the verge of risk.

Ncell had accepted of receiving Red Cross logo pasted relief materials from JTE, a euipment supplying company in China .

Ncell on May 6 had released Red Cross logo stitched equipment materials from Tribuvan International Airport (TIA) custom office, after paying revenue.

Source: Myrepublica