Norway expresses desire to support Nepal in hydroelectricity

Norway has expressed its desire to increase investment for the promotion of Nepal’s hydro power sector considered the backbone of the country’s economic development.

The visiting State Secretary of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Morten Hoglund, expressed this during his meeting with Minister for Foreign Affairs Mahendra Bahadur Pandey at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Singha Durbar on Wednesday.

During the meeting, Norway showed its special interest on Nepal’s democracy, promotion of good governance and education, said Minister Pandey.

Pandey said that the State Secretary of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed him that his country was going to file candidature in the United Nations Security Council and that he expected of Nepal’s cooperation and support to that end.

Nepal and Norway had established diplomatic ties in 1973 AD. Since then, Norway has been extending assistance to Nepal’s socio-economic development.

Norway has been extending assistance to Nepal focusing on basic and primary education, hydroelectricity, energy, human rights, decentralisation, peace building, good governance and the promotion of private sectors. The Norwegian assistance has also been used significantly on rural electrification.

Norway has also been providing cooperation to Nepal through the Norwegian International Cooperation Agency (NORAD) in Nepal’s development endeavours. NORAD has been providing scholarships for production of skilled human resources at different times.Norway has provided over 30 million Norwegian Kroner in the Peace Fund.

Source: THT