Non-quadrilateral flag, national animal, flower, colour and bird to stay intact

The Constituent Assembly (CA) has endorsed the continuation of the current national flag with majority votes during clause-wise voting on the constitution bill on Monday. Article 8 of the bill has provision on national flag.

“The national flag of Nepal, as handed down by tradition, consists of two juxta-posed triangular figures with a crimson-colored base and deep blue borders, there being a white emblem of the crescent moon with eight rays visible out of sixteen in the upper part and a white emblem of a twelve rayed sun in the lower part,” reads the article.

The CA declined amendment proposal registered by lawmaker Raj Kumar Rai to change the national flag.

Likewise, rhododendron will be (stay) the national flower, crimson will be national color, cow will continue to be the national animal and lophophorus will stay intact as national bird of Nepal.

Source: MyRepublica