Nobel Medical College and Hospital shut down

Nobel Medical College and Hospital shut down

The Nobel Medical College Teaching Hospital and Research Center has shut down its services for an indefinite period from Sunday after intern students took to vandalism as part of their protest programme.

The hospital administration referred dozens of patients receiving treatment at the hospital to elsewhere after the shutdown.

The agitating students complained that the electricity and water supply to their hostels were cut off after indefinite closure of the hospital and college. There are 600 students living in the college dormitories.

However, the college administration has calimed that only the college was shut down indefinitely and the services at hospital are continued.

The Nobel Hospital and College Director, Dr Rajesh Nepal, informed only college was shut down till further notice due to violence and vandalism instigated by the agitating students.

The interns of 5th batch have been staging protest for the past 10 days accusing the hospital of exploiting them and demanding refund of their deposits.

Source: eKantipur