No obstruction in bringing relief: Foreign Ministry

No obstruction in bringing relief: Foreign Ministry

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made it clear that there was no reason for Nepalis and foreigners living abroad to get confused about the issue of relief. Anyone can bring relief package without exceeding 96 tonnes at a time, the ministry said.

The Ministry officials, however, said the relief package s exceeding the airport’s load capacity will be refused. “The situation where the relief package s could exceed the load capacity should be brought in two shifts,” said Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Tara Prasad Pokhrel.

Meanwhile, the ministry has expressed sadness over circulation of unnecessary rumors regarding relief distribution. “If anyone brings relief from abroad by considering the load limit, we have no intention to stop them,” said Pokhrel. He also mentioned that they have not obstructed any foreign donors from contributing to Nepal.

Pokhrel also said that the relief package s must be sent to Nepal only after ensuring where to distribute it and who (person or organisation) will distribute it.

Saying that the customes duty won’t be levied on the relief package s, Pokhrel said they have been maintaining watchfulness in view of possible arrival of “othes items” in the name of relief packages.

Source: eKantipur