No demarcation pillars along Indo-Nepal border in Darchula

Nepal’s western border with India has been without border pillars.

The international norm is to keep border pillars along the bordering areas. Experts said that the border pillars might have not been set up in the area as the Mahakali River is the western border demarcating Nepal’s territory with India.

Though Nepal and India held joint technical committee meeting for 35 times, the agenda of keeping border pillars is yet to be agreed upon.

The issue of geographic border and border pillar was discussed in a meeting held between high-placed authorities of Nepal and India some months ago. However, the meeting ended without drawing any concrete conclusion.

So far there are no border pillars from Kutiyang River in Pitharaugarh, Dadeldhura to Kalapani – Nepal’s border with India.

It is revealed that the area from Lali to Byas VDC of Darchula does not have border pillars. Experts said that 14 VDCs connected to Mahakali River flowing through Darchula and Dharchula have been without border pillars.

As the floods have eroded bordering landmasses of Nepal, of late, it has been difficult to ascertain our territory, said Daniram Tinuwa, a local of Uku VDC.

Source: THT