Neymar Jr. sends a personal message after his injury


Video Source: Dr.Imran H Sarker

Hello Brazilian folks including players, technical committee and fans.

It’s a very hard moment; there is a lack of words to describe what is going through my head and through my heart.

I just want to say that I will return as soon as possible. When you least expect it, I’ll be back.

I would like to thank all the support and affection that you all had with me, for all that was writtne, the messagesm for everything.

and say dream is not over.

It as interrupted by a play move, but it continues.

I am sure that my teammates will do their best so that I can make my dream come true which is to be a Champion.

My dream was to also play a World Cup Fina, but this time it’s not going to be possible.

But if God willing, we will win this one be champions, and I will be also.

I am going to be with them and we Brazillians will be celebrating for all of this.

Thanks everyone, Hugs.