New guidelines for building construction make open space compulsory

New guidelines for building construction make open space compulsory

From now onward, all new residential homes must spare at least 30 percent of open space while building homes. Those constructing buildings for government, semi-government and public buildings must compulsorily set aside at least 50 percent of open area.

The new rules form part of government efforts to enforce strict norms for construction of buildings and urban planning in the aftermath of the April 25 earthquake.
A cabinet meeting held on Thursday approved the new rules that are part of “Guidelines for Settlement Development, Urban Planning and Building Construction-2015.”

The new guidelines, which was prepared jointly by Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) and Ministry of Federal affairs and Local Development (MoFALD), also states that buildings should leave 1.5 meter of space from the road and that the compound wall should not be taller than 4 feet high. For higher fencing, barbed wires above the wall going up to 3 feet has been allowed.

Apart from building map, the new rules also require house owners to approve map of the compound, reads a summary of the 20-page new guidelines issued by the MoFALD.

Likewise, the guidelines also states that house owners will be asked to immediately demolish risky compound walls in all municipalities. Similarly, in order to discourage haphazard land plotting and housing construction in arable lands, the government has also come up with strict provisions requiring planning permit from the local body for commercial plotting.

The main road connected to land plots should be at least 8 meter wide, and that at least a plot of land should be spared and designated as open space to be used during disasters like earthquake.

The new guidelines entrusts local bodies with the authority to draft their own guidelines and regulate land plotting in their area as per the needs.

“The guidelines have been forward to all municipalities and district development committees for enforcement. Every one must meet the standards issued in the new guidelines for building construction to get construction permit,” said Gopi Khanal, joint-secretary at MoFALD.

The new provision also states that engineers who design and approve buildings that run afoul of the building code and existing laws should be blacklisted and that Nepal Engineering Council should scrap their licenses.

Source: MyRepublica