New Edu Tourism course to begin this year

Pokhara University and University of Malaya, Malaysia have agreed to start a student exchange program and introduce a new course in both universities. Malaysia’s Ministry of Education (MoE) has introduced the Edu Tourism program with the objective of promoting tourism through higher education.

The Edu Tourism is set to begin this year, informed Ram Singh, Under Secretary at the Malaysian MoE.
A group of teachers from Nepal visited Malaysia to learn about the education system of the country as well as the education environment there. Singh also informed Malaysian representatives about the education system in Nepal.

Malaysia is working to be the new education hub of Asia by 2020. Singh stated that when it comes to tourism, Nepal is at the forefront in Asia and that’s why this course would benefit both countries.

According to the Malaysian Ministry, around 250 Nepali students are already enrolled at the various institutes in Malaysia.

Singh also pointed out that there are three kinds of scholarships available for Nepali students in the Master’s and PhD levels. The scholarships are provided by the Malaysia Technical Corporation program, Malaysian International Scholarship program, and by Malaysia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Source: MyRepublica