New constitution on time: DPM Singh

New constitution on time: DPM Singh

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development Prakash Man Singh said that the government was committed to promulgating a democratic constitution to shorten the ongoing political transition.

Speaking at the 68th anniversary of Guheshwari Higher Secondary School in the capital on Sunday, DPM Singh said that developmental works are impossible without political stability.

As a result, the government is concentrating its efforts to promulgate a democratic constitution on time.

The nation will be led towards prosperity after promulgating a new constitution on January 22 and there should be confusion in this regard, DPM Singh added.

Speaking on a different note, DMP Singh said that the government has invested a huge amount of budget in the education sector therefore everyone concerned including teachers and students should be committed to utilize the fund.

On the occasion, Laxman Prasad Parajuli, Chairman at the School Management Committee and Principal Megh Bahadur Banjara shared the achievements of the school.

As many as 900 students are pursuing education in the school that runs in shifts—day and evening. The school was found in 2004 B.S.

Source: eKantipur