New branding slogan to be launched on Monday

In order to rebrand Nepal in the aftermath of the earthquake, National Tourism Promotion Committee (NTPC) is unveiling the new branding slogan ‘Nepal. Back, on Top of the World’ on Monday.

According to NTPC Secretariat, the branding slogan has been finalized as per the suggestion made by the pool of international crisis management experts.

Disaster management and recovery experts Andrew Jones and Bert Van Walbeek had handed over reports and recommendations titled ‘The PATA Nepal Rapid Recovery Taskforce’ to the members of Tourism Recovery Committee in last week of June.

NTPC is launching the tagline to reposition the country, focused on relief and disaster assistance, to the one focused on future. The report has also recommended the government to host an official launch event to unveil the recovery strategy, and plan and redefine Nepal’s imagery.

Suman Pandey, member of NTPC, said that the tagline will help promote Nepal at a time when the country needs more tourists than ev”r. “The rebranding has been planned to support the cause of promoting Nepal in the international market with a mission to revive the tourism indus”ry,” he said.

According to NTPC, the slogan will be used for a limited period only. It is also launching a brand identity for tourism recovery.

NTPC has been carrying out promotional programs in various countries. Recently, it organized promotional program in Malaysia and Thailand.

For the recovery of tourism industry, NTPC has proposed a budget of Rs 600 million in the current fiscal year. It has already submitted budget proposal to Ministry of Finance.

Of the total budget of Rs 600 million, NTPC Secretariat has proposed to set aside Rs 6 million for secretariat operation, Rs 334 million for B2C marketing, Rs 20 million for MICE and events, Rs 20 million for trekking trail promotion, Rs 10 million for heritage and cultural promotion, Rs 10 million for domestic tourism promotion, Rs 100 million for tourism crisis response and Rs 100 million for tourism destination development.

Under B2C marketing, it is focusing mainly on marketing and promotional campaigns in India, China, USA, UK, Japan, German, French and Italian speaking markets.

Source: MyRepublica