Nepal’s public sector is highly corrupt: TI Report 2014

Transparency International’s Global Corruption Perception Index 2014 has said that Nepal’s public sector remains highly corrupt among all other sectors studied during a survey.

In the survey jointly conducted by Bertelsmann Foundation, World Bank, World Economic Forum, Global Justice Project and Global Insight and released by TI on Wednesday, December 3, 2014, Nepal has received 29 out of 100 full marks.

Among 175 countries surveyed, Nepal ranked 126th. In 2013, Nepal ranked 116th among 177 countries.

As per the Index, getting 100 marks reflects highly fair, 50 marks average and zero mark extremely corrupt. Nepal has been included in the TI survey since 2004.

Speaking at a program organized to publish the report in Kathmandu today, TI Nepal Chapter Chairperson Bharat Bahadur Thapa said receiving less than 50 marks shows that corruption has a massive prevalence in Nepal.

“No concrete progress has been achieved in corruption control, while more effective steps are also needed in this sector.”

Among the South Asian countries, Bhutan has been judged less corrupt with 65 points followed by 38 points of India and Sri Lanka each, 29 of Nepal and Pakistan each, 25 of Bangladesh and 12 points of Afghanistan. Maldives is not included in the report.

In the overall indicators, Denmark is the least corrupt country in the world with 92 points, while North Korea and Somalia are the most corrupt countries with 8 points, each.

Professional secrecy and illegal money laundering have made it difficult for developing economies to fight corruption effectively, the TI report has noted.

Similarly, misuse of power and resources for personal gain by high level government employees and politicians has weakened efforts to combat corruption and accelerate economic growth, the TI report has added.

Source: Nepalnews