Nepalis in Thailand support quake victims

The devastating earthquake on 25 April destroyed 65 houses and killed five children in Arubote Majhi village of Melamchi, SIndhupalchowk district. Life has yet to return to normal in the village.

But Thai Nepali Association has given them some hope in their difficult times. The association has said it would develop the village as a tourist spot.
According to Kumar Karki, vice- president of the association, their efforts would be aimed at helping the locals become self-reliant. As most of the locals rely on fishing for their livelihood, the association wants to create an alternate source of living for them.

Donations have been raised by Nepalis living in Thailand for the quake victims. “We want to spend what we have collected to help people in need,” said Karki.

The rubble of houses destroyed in the earthquake has been cleared in the first phase. The association plans to construct 46 new houses, a community hall, health-post, a temple, a pilgrims’ residence, one toilet per house and lay water pipelines, said Narayan Dulal, technical advisor to the project initiated by the association.

A total of Rs 300,000 is being spent for the construction of earthquake-resistant community hall. The association has also contributed Rs 3 million to the Prime Minister Relief Fund. A total of Rs 90 million has also been provided for food distribution to the quake victims.

Source: Myrepublica