Nepalis being smuggled to US held in El Salvador

Two Nepali nationals, who apparently were being smuggled to the US, have been arrested from El Salvador’s border with Honduras.

News agency EFE reported in Spanish that 14 undocumented immigrants–six from Cuba, six from Bangladesh and two from Nepal–were found to be illegally entering El Salvador boarding a truck yesterday.

When the Salvadoran authorities used X-ray system to scan the truck, which had declared to be ferrying a cargo of paper rolls, at El Amatillo border, 14 human silhouettes were detected, according to the report.

The Salvadoran authorities subsequently detained the immigrants and the truck driver. The driver hails from Guatemala.

Earlier on August 25, nine Nepalis and three Bangladeshis were arrested at El Amatillo.

They, who were heading to the US, were being ferried to Guatemala from Nicaragua on a pickup truck.

On August 8, another group of illegal immigrants –seven Cubans, two Ecuadorans and four Bangladeshis-was arrested in El Salvador.

Source: THT