Nepali youths being trafficked to USA on fake refugee visa

It has been revealed that human traffickers are actively working on trafficking Nepali people to the United States of America (USA) by faking them as refugees.

According to Publicmedia Nepal, Kumar Shrestha of Kathmandu is found to have been trafficking Nepali youths to the USA on fake refugee visas, fleecing Rs 5,000,000 each.

It is learnt that following the entry to the USA via various countries on fake refugee status, they land in jails. Then after four months they are released from the jail with the help of lawyers and receive a refugee card and start working.

According to the source, the middlemen and the lawyers share the amount taken from the Nepali youths.

Even thought the traffickers have been actively taking Nepali youths to the USA on the forged documents showing them as refugees since the Maoist insurgency, Nepal and USA governments are mum on this issue.

Source: Republica