Nepali youth languishing in Saudi jail

A youth of Dhanusa district has been languishing in a jail in Saudi Arabia since the past one year, with nobody back home taking up his case.

A resident of Ratanpur in Puspawalpur VDC-1, Sanjeev Yadav was jailed after he was involved in a road accident that led to the death of an Indian national, according to his friend Sanjaya Kumar Yadav.

Sanjeev had been working as a driver for the Mohammad-Hal-Mubarak company for the past three years. He had got the employment through the Diana Oversees Manpower Agency in Kupandole, Lalitpur.

The local court in Saudi Arabia ordered accused Sanjeev of paying blood money to the family of Saheed Mohammdin, who was killed in the incident. However, since he was unable to deposit the amount, Sanjeev was put behind bars. Sanjeev has been ordered to pay 97,000 Riyal worth Rs. 2.8 million, according to Sanjaya.

Sanjeev was himself injured in the accident and had to spend five months in medical treatment. He was arrested by police after he reported to work and asked for his salary, added Sanjaya.

Sanjaya has meanwhile appealed to all to help secure the release of his friend who, he says, is unable to pay such a huge amount owing to his poor financial status. RSS

Source: Republica