Nepali workers‚ Saudi company settle dispute

Nepali youth, who have been staging a protest at the Saudi Arabia-based HAPCO Company for the last 14 days, have stopped their protest following an agreement with the company management.

The Nepali youth started protests after they were denied their pay for the last three months. The company and the agitating Nepali youth held talks and settled the dispute on Tuesday, according to a Nepali migrant worker involved in the talks.

The company and its Nepali employees agreed that the workers who have worked there for less than two years would return to work after payment of their salary that are due till the date while some others who completed their term as per the agreement signed while entering the company agreed to return home following the Tuesday talks.

Around 300 Nepali youths were on the protest claiming the company neither gave them their pay nor allowed them to return home.

Source: THT