Nepali scientists selected for water processing tech

A team of Nepali scientists has been selected in the top five among 70 teams for the processing of salt water to make suitable for drinking and irrigation. The team named ‘Green Diesel’ includes MP Bhatta among others.

A total of 70 groups from across the globe had submitted their proposals at the joint call of the USA, Sweden and the Netherlands for the Water Processing Modern Technology in 2013.

Besides Nepal, teams from the USA, Jordan, Israel and Brazil were named in the top five lists based on their technologies for minimum use of fuels, use of alternative energy for environmental balance and cost effective, Dr Bhatta told RSS.

The best technology would be awarded Rs 40 million for desalination.

The International Desalination Technology has promoted the use of solar and wind power energy and is environment-friendly thereby was named one of the top five.

The name of the winner among the five teams would be finalized by Thursday.

Dr Bhatta, who is in the field of research for more than two decades, has earned a Ph.D in Natural Resources and Environmental Management from the University of New Hampshire, US. RSS

Source: eKantipur