Nepali numismatist aspires for Guinness record

They say ‘When a habit begins to cost money, it is called a hobby.”

What do you say to one who spends money to buy his hobby?

Crazy as it may seem, a Nepali man who hit the road some two and a half years ago, travelled far and wide within the country, just to collect coins.

And he has already managed to collect coins of some 180 countries!

His journey does not end here, for the numismatist would like to call himself a man in motion, who is willing to take a trip abroad, collecting more coins of rest of the countries and setting a Guinness world record.

Meet Ram Bahadur Pariyar from Hemja-2, Kaski who has arrived Rampur in Palpa.

He has earned a nickname of ‘Sikka Baba’ for his habit of collecting coins.

This 48-year-old claims to have travelled all the 75 districts of the country. And, he wants to go abroad to meet his mission.

Sharing the motive behind his Rampur visit, he said that he visited the newly declared municipality to submit a report to the government about the places he travelled, including this one.

Sikka Baba has got a celebrity treatment in Rampur as the locals jostled to take a photo with him and hear the stories of his journey.

Source: THT