Nepali gets 3-year jail term in Qatar

Nepali gets 3-year jail term in Qatar

A Nepali citizen has been sentenced to three years in jail after being convicted of inappropriately ‘touching’ a minor girl in Doha, Qatar.

Jhakku Prasad Oli, 30, a salesman at Saudia Hypermarket in Qatar, was slapped with the jail term by the lower court on June 21 following a hearing on the charge.

The man originally from Pakhapani-9 in Rolpa was arrested by police on March 16 from his workplace. Oli has moved the appellate court against the lower court’s verdict, claiming that he never touched the unidentified girl presumed to be around 9-year-old.

Oli asserted that he had only dropped a packet of spice on the girl while taking it out from a top shelf. The girl’s mother then began manhandling Oli, accusing him of having bad intentions.

A sorely beaten Oli, by the public, and later handed over to police, said he notified the Nepali Embassy in Doha about the case.

“I gave a full account of the incident by calling up the acting ambassador as well as the labour attache at the Nepali Embassy. However, no one from the embassy came to meet me. There was no one at the court to plead on my behalf,” Oli said, recollecting his ordeal.

However, Nepal’s acting ambassador to Qatar Ganesh Dhakal assured that they will take necessary steps by consulting the case with a lawyer first off.

Source: eKantipur