Nepal to be part of Silk Road Economic Belt

Nepal has signed in an agreement with China to be a part of the Silk Road Economic Belt.

A four-point agreement to this effect was signed during a Nepal-China Inter-governmental Business and Investment Coordination meeting held in Beijing on Tuesday.

The inter-government meeting comes at a time when Nepal and China are preparing to celebrate 60th anniversary of the founding of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Beijing also put forth various agenda likely to be signed during the possible visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Nepal. “The meeting can be taken as preparatory meeting for the bilateral agreements that may be signed during high-level visit from China,” Nepalese ambassador to Beijing Dr Mahesh Maskey said.

China has already indicated that it might announce substantial increase in its grant to Nepal during foreign minister Wang Yi´s visit to Kathmandu next week.

Nepali delegation led by Finance Secretary Suman Sharma comprises commerce and tourism secretaries. Likewise, the Chinese delegation was led by Vice Minister for Commerce Gao Yun.

“Nepal and China have agreed to revive the old Silk Road that runs from Lhasa to Kathmandu to Patna, India,” said an official at the Nepali Embassy in China.

China has prominently raised the issue of Nepal´s participation in the Silk Road Economic Belt.Among other things, China has also agreed to provide financial assistance to the schools lying in Nepal´s northern belt.

Source: Republica