Nepal retains 181st in latest FIFA ranking

The Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) has published a latest ranking list of countries.

According to this ranking, Nepal has been placed 181st out of the total 209 countries.

With this ranking, Nepal has been placed at 7th among South Asian nations, only above Sri Lanka (188) while Afghanistan (135) leads all the south Asian countries, Maldives (140) and India (147) being the second and third respectively.

Every other nation has its ranking above Nepal.

No changes have taken place from 1st to 17th position.

The detail rankings of South Asian nations are as follows:

Afghanistan 135 (0)

Maldives 140 (+1)

India 147 (0)

Bhutan 163 (0)

Bangladesh 169 (-2)

Pakistan 173 (-1)

Nepal 181 (0)

Srilanka 188 (-2)

Source: Myrepublica