Nepal ranks second in SA in Social Progress Index

Nepal ranks second in SA in Social Progress Index

In a news Nepalis have something to cheer about, Nepal has been ranked second among South Asian countries in Social Progress Index-2015 made public by Social Progress Imperative on Thursday.

Nepal was listed in 98th position out of 133 countries scoring 55.33 points in the global survey. Nepal is above India (101), Pakistan (112), Bangladesh (100) and Afghanistan (131) and trails only to Sri Lanka (88) in the survey in which South Asian countries Bhutan and Maldives were not included.

The rating is based on indicators of health, water and sanitation, personal safety, access to opportunity, tolerance, inclusion, personal freedom and choice.

The points a country receives are placed on a 0-100 scale and categorized as very high, high, medium high, medium low, Low and very low

Globally, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland and New Zealand were ranked first, second, third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Source: Myrepublica