Nepal promoted in Thailand

Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), with support of Nepali Embassy in Thailand, organized a program in Bangkok on August 25 to spread the message that life in Nepal has returned to normalcy after the April 25 earthquake and that the country ready to welcome tourists.

The Nepali tourism delegation promoted Nepal in Bangkok with a message ‘Nepal is Safe: Visit, Enjoy and Help Nepal’.
Speaking at the program, Nepali Ambassador to Thailand Khag Nath Adhikari said Janakpur and Lumbini are closely linked to the Thai people and this love for Nepal will help in bringing more Thai tourists to Nepal as many people in Thailand are interested to help Nepal in the aftermath of the disaster.

Similarly, Ramesh Kumar Adhikari, chief administrator of NTB, urged tourism entrepreneurs, media people and other delegates present at the program to visit Nepal and help Nepal in the time of need.

According to the release, Adhikari also made a presentation on various tourist destinations of Nepal that are open and safe to visit and the activities they can be carried out in the country.

The release further added that around 200 tourism entrepreneurs of Thailand are soon visiting Nepal to get first-hand information about Nepal.

Rashmi Shrestha, country manager of Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) in Thailand, informed the participants about NAC’s ‘buy two, get one’ offer on purchase of round trip tickets from Kathmandu to Bangkok and vice versa.

An exhibition of photographs of important tourist destinations like Lumbini — the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, Mount Everest – the tallest peak on earth, and UNESCO World Heritage sites was also organized at the program, according to the release.

Source: MyRepublcia