Nepal Police begins DNA test for solving crimes

In a bid to adopt technology-based policing, Nepal Police today launched Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) test system.

The government of Denmark has provided advanced a DNA testing device, 60 new crime investigating tools, 35 cameras, six computers and various chemicals used in the science laboratory worth $5, 34,941 to the Central Police Forensic Science Laboratory in Samakhushi.

Jan Moller Hansen, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Denmark, handed over the devices to DIG Surendra Bahadur Shah of the Crime Investigation Division of Nepal Police, at a function in Samakhushi today.

Hansen and Shah jointly inaugurated the modern DNA testing laboratory in the office. Speaking at the event, DIG Shah underlined the need of hi-tech devices and database for fighting crimes. 

“With the AFIS system (Automated Fingerprint Identification System), DNA Lab not only exonerates wrongly convicted people but the expansion of DNA database will also solve more crimes and help run criminal background check.” DIG Shah also emphasised the need to establish a central criminal database and a nationwide intelligence network in order to prepare crime fighting for future. Deputy Head Hansen said he was pleased to provide scientific and useful devices to the NP.

With the operation of DNA test within the police organisation, law enforcement agencies will have their job cut short. 

Though National Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) used to conduct some tests, NP used to approach labs in India for a majority of DNA tests. 

NP, in its extensive action plan, has also stressed the need for technology-based policing for modernising its service delivery. 

In the absence of advanced technological tools, inspecting agencies often had hard times in probing and cracking complex crimes.

According to NP, the Indian Embassy has trained four police officers to operate the system. 

Asia Foundation, a non-government organisation, with support from the Danish Embassy, provided technological support to install the equipment. 

Source: THT