Nepal jumps six places in FIFA Ranking

Nepal jumps six places in FIFA Ranking

Nepal has leapt up six spots to secure 180th ranking in the latest FIFA World Rankings made public in the month of January.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup winner Germany tops the ranking with 1729 points while Nepal now ranks 180th with 55.4 points. In December last year, Nepal’s ranking was 186th with 49 points.

The Maldives with the best ranking in FIFA among the South Asian countries has slumped to 135th position, four places below its previous berth. Likewise, Afghanistan has fallen two spots to 144th position while Bangladesh has jumped 8 places to hold its new spot at 157th ranking.

Meanwhile, India has retained its former spot at 171st ranking while Pakistan has made progress to hold same ranking with India by overriding 17 positions. Sri Lanka has dropped one rank below to 173rd position while Bhutan is straggling behind all at 209th position.

The top ten countries in the FIFA ranking are Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Brazil, Portugal, France, Uruguay and Spain respectively.

Source: eKantipur