Nepal falls in Corruption Perceptions Index by 10 ranks

Nepal has gone 10 positions down in the Corruption Perceptions Index 2014, indicating that corruption increased in the country this year.

Scoring 29 out of 100, Nepal secured 126th position in the 20th edition of the CPI, published by the Transparency International.

Last year, Nepal had scored 31 points and was ranked 116th in the CPI.

“The 2014 Corruption Perceptions Index shows that economic growth is undermined and efforts to stop corruption fade when leaders and high level officials abuse power to appropriate public funds for personal gain,” said José Ugaz, the chair of Transparency International, in a statement today.

According to the TI, more than two thirds of the 175 countries in the 2014 CPI have scored below 50.

In the CPI, lower score means higher corruption; 0 is perceived to be highly corrupt and 100 very clean.

Denmark comes out on top with flying score of 92, while North Korea and Somalia share last place, scoring just eight.


In South Asia

Bhutan maintained its clean image and succeeded in remaining on top among South Asian countries.

The Himalayan kingdom has 65 points and has been ranked 30th. Last year, Bhutan had 63 points and was ranked 31st among 177 countries.

Though Afghanistan improved its score (+4) this year, it has remained on bottom among the South Asian countries.



Bhutan —————————— 30


India, Sri Lanka —————— 85


Nepal Pakistan ——————-126


Bangladesh ———————– 145


Afghanistan ————————172

Source: THT