NEA employee arrested red-handed while taking kickback

NEA employee arrested red-handed while taking kickback

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has arrested Binod Pandit, the supervisor at the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA)’s Nepalgunj Distribution Centre red-handed while taking Rs 23,000 in bribe.

A CIAA team nabbed Pandit from his office at about 2 pm today while he was taking the kickback.

He had allegedly demanded Rs 23,000 in bribe for installing the three-phase electricity line at the Prime Life Insurance office based in Nepalgunj. Chief of the Insurance Office Kailash Devkota had informed the CIAA contact office at Kohalpur of this and the arrest was made based on this, the CIAA stated.

Pandit had asked for the bribe with office chief Devkota since two months back for installing the electricity line at the office. At the beginning he had asked for Rs 30,000 but later scaled down to Rs 23,000. The audio record of Pandit asking for kickback from Devkota is also safe. RSS

Source: MyRepublica