NA opens 70 metres road in Sankhu

With support of engineers from Canada, the Nepal Army (NA) personnel opened 70 metres road on Friday. The road was disrupted after the deadly earthquake.

According to the NA Public Relations Directorate, the NA is working in rescue and relief material distribution and clearance of the risk-prone buildings and collapsed buildings with full utilization of the means and resources available to the NA.
The NA, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force (APF) personnel have been managing the debris of the Rato Machchhindranath Temple, Changunarayan Temple, Patan Durbar Square, Hanumandhoka and other infrastructures of the archeological importance.

Meanwhile, the NA said that the rescue and relief, and health workers’ teams from the neighbouring countries are returning to their countries. A total of 128 Indian Army personnel returned home on Friday while 96 others are all set to leave here for India. Likewise, 71 Canadians and 14 US army personnel are also preparing to return home. RSS

Source: Myrepublica