NA gets two advanced mobile hospitals from China

The government of China has handed over two mobile hospitals equipped with advanced appliances to the Nepal Army.

The responsibility for hospitals set up in the premises of Chhauni-based Military Hospital was formally handed to the NA Monday in the presence of Army Chief Gaurav Shamser Rana. China’s Ambassador to Nepal Wu Chuntai announced the handing over of the hospitals to the NA.

It may be noted that China promised to hand over the hospitals two years back. The hospitals are moveable and can be very useful at time of disasters. Ventilator, special ICU, surgery, ultrasound, x-ray, pathology, ECG services and ambulance services are available in the hospitals with an investment of Chinese Yuan 5.9 million.
At the handing over ceremony, Army Chief Rana thanked the Chinese Government for its role in the search, rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts and in clearing off landslide-hit roadways in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Nepal. Various kinds of assistances lent by China to Nepal as a good friend have helped to strengthen the bilateral ties, he said.

Ambassador Wu expressed sorrow over the massive loss of lives and property by the deadly earthquake in Nepal and said the Chinese team that arrived in Nepal in assisting the treatment of the injured was working seriously. RSS

Source: Myrepublica