MoYS unveils budget for its plans and programs

Ministry of Youth and Sports (MoYS) on Thursday unveiled its plans and programs along with the money to be spent on them in the fiscal year 2015/16.

Organizing a press conference at MoYS, Joint Secretary Choodamani Paudel said that there was a 25 percent increment in the budget compared to last year. He however, lamented that the increment was only 0.3 percent of the overall rise in the total budget.

Out of the total budget of around Rs 1.85 billion allocated to MoYS, Paudel, who is also the spokespersons of MoYS, said that around 70 percent of the amount was allocated for sports. Paudel said that around Rs 158 million have been allocated for sports development, Rs 938 million for infrastructure and renovation and Rs 26.2 million for running MoYS.

MoYS has allocated around Rs 1.49 billion to the National Sports Council, the body responsible for overseeing affairs related to sports across the country under three different subheads: salary and administration (Rs 399 million), programs (Rs 154 million) and infrastructure development and renovation (Rs 938 million).

Source: MyRepublica