Motorcycle tour from Thailand to Ktm carrying Nepal’s recovery slogan

Motorcycle tour from Thailand to Ktm carrying Nepal’s recovery slogan

The Himalaya Expedition 2015 i.e. motorcycle tour from Bangkok, Thailand to Kathmandu, Nepal covering seven countries has started on Thursday with six riders completing the route by mid-November.

The trip is expected to promote Nepal’s tourism along with the other countries on route.

According to Suman Pandey, president and founder of Explore Himalaya, which has provided logistic support for the trip, six riders from different countries will be carrying Nepal’s recovery logo and slogan ‘ Nepal: Back on Top of The World’. Helge Pedersen, David Ow, Martin Kromer, Kainan Rafaeli, Bill Shea, Shiree Rafaeli are the riders in the trip that started from Thailand – Laos-China- Myanmar-India-Bhutan and ends in Nepal.

According to GlobeRiders, a diversified motorcycle adventure touring and multi-media company with it’s headquarter in Seattle, United States the group of six previous riders is traveling around 10,323 km beginning from Thailand.

The trip is the customized tour to for small group riders to promote the Himalayas. GlobeRiders founded by Helge Pedersen with the slogan ‘Making Tracks around the World’ specializes mostly in small-group, long-duration scenic and cultural motorcycle journeys neither easily accessible nor commonly visited by most.

“We want to go for unique and special journeys to Nepal and this trip will be a milestone for Nepal to revive its tourism industry that has been severely affected after the April earthquake,” said Pandey.

The group will complete the route in 69 days ending on November 17.

Source: MyRepublica