Monsoon just two days away

Monsoon just two days away

The Meteorological Forecasting Division says this year’s monsoon will start within two days.

Meteorologist at the division Barun Poudel said the monsoon phenomenon has already started in areas around Myanmar after originating from the Bay of Bengal and it will enter the country from the eastern parts in couple of days.

According to the division, generally the monsoon starts from June 10 and lasts till September 23. Variation of two or three days is considered normal.

The summer monsoon that enters the country from the eastern part moves to the western part of the country during the period, causing precipitation. It becomes inactive moving eastwards from the western parts.

There is possibility of high winds, thunder and lightning, and brief rain at different places of the mountainous and high hill regions as part of the entry of the monsoon, Poudel said. RSS

Source: Myrepublica