Monsoon bids farewell

Meteorological Forecasting Division (MFD) on Tuesday announced complete retreat of monsoon from Nepal.

Notwithstanding monsoon´s complete withdrawal from Nepal, the MFD still predicted brief thundershowers in the hilly region over the next few days. “This year´s monsoon has completely retreated from Nepal as of today but brief afternoon and evening thundershowers are still likely to occur,” said the MFD in its Tuesday´s announcement.

Earlier on last Thursday, the MFD had announced that monsoon began to retreat from the far-western region of Nepal. It took nearly a week for monsoon to completely retreat from Nepal. South Asian monsoon, which is backbone of Nepal´s agriculture sector, enters the country from the eastern region normally on June 10. Similarly, it begins to retreat from the far-western region on September 23.

However, this year´s monsoon arrived in Nepal one week later than the usual date and lingered here all through the first week of October. “Monsoon´s stay in Nepal until October is unusual,” said Shanti Kandel, a meteorologist. Meteorologists announce monsoon´s retreat after observing a couple of key weather symptoms like dominance of westerly wind in the local atmosphere and development of anti-cyclone in the sea. Until the last day of September, the MFD was yet to observe these symptoms this time around.

Source: Republica